Home Sweet Home?

Day 13

Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

Wow! This is not an easy question at all! The funny thing was Rob literally just asked me last night where I wanted to live when I graduated from college. Although I have basically lived in Florida and the Daytona Beach area my whole life I don’t feel any attachment to the area or the state of Florida. I do admit that recently I’ve been very happy about the weather here compared to the weather in other parts of the country though!

I want to visit a ton of places so I guess I’ll go with somewhere I’d like to move. After some quick deliberation one state came to my mind. I quickly ruled out the west coast too prone to natural disatsers and too expensive. Midwest- the idea of being land locked terrifies me!  Although I loved Mass. when I visited I also ruled out most northern states due to too much cold. I decided on North Carolina. In one state you can have a balance of beaches, mountains, small town, and cities! I looked into it and the research triangle area seemed like it might be a nice fit, but who knows!


Leaves change colors? Who knew!

I have no idea where I’d really like to move but the idea of moving doesn’t scare me at all but it excites me!


Pretty house=)

Questions for You?

Where do you live? Do you love it? Do you think I’d love it?

Where is somewhere you’d like to move?

What are your feelings on moving in general?

Comment Here!


9 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home?

  1. I live in Virginia, right outside D.C. My husband works in D.C. I work in my home. Love it. Virginia is so beautiful.

    I don’t want to move, but if I was independently wealthy, I’d like a vacation home in Seattle, San Francisco, Manhattan, Paris, or the Caribbean.

    Hate it. Staying here forever.

    • My boyfriend and I took a short vaca to DC last spring and loved it…we are even contemplated taking another trip this year since there is still so much be haven’t seen and we had such a wonderful time!

  2. I have never been to North Carolina, but apparently it is such a beautiful, warm, comforting place to live! Southern hospitality and friendly people are always a plus!

  3. Yay I’m a Floridian too! I have never been to Daytona though. I know it’s a big Spring Break hotspot though! I also went to NC once, they had clay in the residential areas. I remember all my socks had orange spots when I came home. It was weird.

    I really love FL and the hot weather. I have no desire to go up north to see the seasons change or anything like that. FL love!

  4. I’m from Mississippi, and I recently moved to Virginia. I really enjoy it for the same reasons you said you would enjoy NC. They are a happy medium. In MS, we didn’t get all 4 seasons, and I love that we get the full experience here. Moving from MS to VA was a little stressful. I miss being near all my family and friends. We used a partial moving company which made it a thousand times better. We load and unload the truck, but they drive it to the destination.

    Good luck with everything!

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