Love is in the air…

Or at least in the décor at my apartment!

Day 10

Keeping with the theme…Discuss your first love and first kiss.

Oh. My. Goodness. This topic has the slightest chance of being so embarrassing. You see I was sort of boy crazy ever since I was little and although I don’t have any photos here with me at school, I assure you there are plenty to prove it. So I borrowed one from here, if you love party planning you’ll love this blog!

My first real-ish kiss happened in sixth grade with a boy I’ve known since elementary school. It was a surprise birthday for one of our friends and her mom rented a limo, we went out for a ‘fancy’ Italian dinner, and then rode around in the limo with Will Smith’s Big Willie Style blaring. We were so cool.

I was ‘dating’ this boy at the time and it was a quick peck and mainly the result of peer pressure. Just imagine other little 11 year olds telling me, “you’ll be able to say your first kiss was in a limo!” Well girls I’m saying it now and I’m embarrassed.

And the first love thing. Like I said before I was boy crazy so all throughout middle school I had delusions about these amazing romances I was going to have. Unfortunately my chubbiness and all together awkwardness got in the way of any of my dream guys becoming a reality.


Dreaming of my Prince? Oh awkward stages.

The few times I was ‘dating’ someone it was childish, short-lived, and unremarkable. Although I was very heart broken over one ‘relationship’, you know how hard the first one is. I guess I had to get my heart broken early on since it wouldn’t be too long until I was in a relationship that did last and still does.


Babies=) My hair was dark from a play. Clearly not my color.

Mock me all your want but when I think about the fact that Rob and I have been together since high school, I am just as surprised as you are. If you had told me then where we’d be now… I wouldn’t believe you. Or maybe I would because he was so sweet that I knewI was never going to let him out of my sight. So I guess the really surprising part is that he’s put up with me and my crazy self!


Disney during another awkward stage!

Questions for you!

Was your first kiss memorable?

How about your first heartbreak?

Were you boy or girl crazy at any point in your life?

Comment Here!


6 thoughts on “Love is in the air…

  1. Oh I love your Valentine’s decor! I don’t go all out for this holiday, I have a few red candy dishes I will put out, but that’s it.
    My first kiss is definitely memorable because I bit his tongue, big oops, ha!
    My first heartbreak was awful, I remember crying so much. But I am so glad I am not with that loser today!

    • I love decorating for holidays it makes me smile=) That’s too funny about your first kiss luckily mine didn’t involve tongue! and love your attitude about your 1st love I have VERY similar feelings!

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