Day 9

How you hope your future will be like.

On Day 2 I made it clear that I don’t want to live my life as a series of invisible deadlines. So I won’t make any but instead make my goal happiness.

The future is however more broad than saying I want to be this, that, and the other in 10 years so…

I hope to have a job I truly enjoy.

If I'm lucky it won't include filling binders with press clippings...

I hope to be married one day. I’m that kind of girl.


I'm also the kind of girl who teared up during tonight's episode of One Tree Hill.

I hope to have a family of my own.


I probably won't be the 'fun' one.

I hope to travel.


Yes, I've been here!

I hope my future will be filled with healthiness.


I heart veggies=)

Lastly, I hope for happiness.

The big kid kind of happiness.


Did you remember what February 1st means to me?

Drum roll please…the return of ice cream and french fries!

Or in tonight’s case the return of cupcake and zucchini fries!

This babies been waiting for me in the freezer...

Before the oven.

I’ve seen zucchini fries recently and bought zucchini just for this purpose! I didn’t exactly follow a recipe instead I just cup up 1 zucchini into sticks, patted them dry, dipped them in egg white, dipped them Italian panko breadcrumbs, and baked them on a baking sheet for 12 minutes at 450 degrees.

Dip them in ranch.

They are yummy and I may have eaten them all, which sort of freaks me out…


Reflecting on my dessert-less month has made me come to a serious decision on sweets. I love them and they are delicious… but they’re more delicious when they are special! I decided that I’m no longer going to buy ice cream, pudding, or anything along those lines for home. I’ve lived without them for a month and it will be all that more special when I have it out! Now this doesn’t mean I’m not going to bake, I will! I’m just going to have to some willingly volunteers to take my baked goods off my hands. Anyone?

Can't stop... too good.

I’m off to eat the rest of my cupcake…it was hard to tear myself away from it!

Questions for you?

What are some hopes you have for your future?

What’s your policy on desserts and other indulgent food?

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11 thoughts on “Hopes.

  1. I love your hopes! Annnnnnnd I love that you used a One Tree Hill picture 🙂 is it just me or did Hailey get huge out of nowhere??

    Are zucchini fries good?? I am obsessed with french fries but am looking into finding (or at least attemping to find) a healthier alternative 🙂

    • Yes she did! Just she looks cute as a prego=) I love One Tree Hill I’ve been watching it since it started.
      I am unfortunately also obsessed with french fries but I love roasted potatoes and baked fries instead! These zucchini fries were really good not exactly like french fries but still crunchy and delicious! On the link to the recipe I provided it says the smaller you cut the zucchini the less it will taste like zucchini! Make sure you eat them as soon as they come out of them oven or else they get soggy like my last few!

  2. Great post! I think my number one hope for the future is to be happy. Then everything else will fall into place (hopefully!).

    I love desserts – they’re my favorite thing to indulge in. I save the really rich stuff for special occasions, but most times I go out to dinner you better believe I save room for something sweet!

  3. I’m much (much) older than you. I am married, I have a family, I have traveled, and we are all relatively healthy. Having children really creates a lot of that “big kid happiness” you write about, because you get to live so many adventures with them, and their perspective just really helps you look at things like a kid again.

    I can’t believe you gave up dessert for a month. You’re my hero.

    • I am no hero! I just replaced dessert with nightly mini bowls of cereal! Haha! I know exactly what you mean about kid respective I love spending time with my three year old cousin becasue he is just too darn funny!

  4. No dessert! Crazy!! 🙂 for me I seem to go back and forth between never eating sweets for a while and then just eating them ALL THE TIME. (i think last night I had chocolate kisses, some fudge cookies AND a skinny cow?) Obviously I am having a hard time finding “moderation” with dessert, my sweet tooth is just so crazy. I need to figure out how to cut back without feeling like I’m saying it’s off-limits because then I just want it more!

    • Last night I also had a chocolate chip cookie dough ball and a piece of Hershey’s cookies and cream bar, I go them both for Christmas and wasn’t ‘allowed’ to eat them. After I felt soo guilty though! I think I need to get it all out of my house to avoid that=)

  5. My policy on desserts and other foods I LOVE …is moderation and exercise.

    I have two things I do to help me out to keep from eating too much
    # 1 : to share with someone or get a to-go box as soon as you order & put it in there to take half home.

    #2 : Thanks to my awesome Weight Watcher leaders saying ~ Nothing tastes as good as the 1st BITE….and if it is really is something you do not care for then DON’T eat it. Throw it away.

    Well I guess there is a 3rd…

    #3-Walk-Walk-Walk because when I don’t at 42 years old the weight surely and slow creeps back on…1 little pound at a time.

    Those zucchini fries look amazing…can’t wait to try them myself. Did you cook them on your Pampered Chef stone?

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