Food for thought…

When I spend whole days listening to lectures, doing online quizzes, sitting in classes, and learning way more than I ever wanted to know about things like types of research sampling…I fuel up with some very interesting foods.

Take yesterday for example. I had oatmeal for breakfast; you know that, nothing out of the ordinary but the rest of my day looked a little something like this…

Yes, I am a 4 year old.

Cheesehead=) a baby pickle.

1st Cliff Bar=Moist & Delicious! Coffee=Yucky & thrown in the trash=(

Breakfast, anyone?

Normal eating habits will resume today. In other news today is February 1st do you know what that means? Check back later to find out!


Questions for You!


Do you ever eat random things when you are busy or crunched for time?

What are your feelings about pickles? My boyfriend hates them and will no doubt cringe at this post…

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9 thoughts on “Food for thought…

  1. I used to love pickles! I haven’t had one in forever though. I’m way too anal and plan out my days too much to eat anything super random – always have snacks on-hand. Yep, I’m a weirdo 🙂

    • I like to carry snacks around too so I don’t fall into eating anything horrible when I’m out, like one of those huge muffin at the coffee counter! The cliff bar was in my purse…with an apple too but I decided it might be too embarrassing to chomp on an apple before class=)

  2. I don’t eat pickles straight…but I made some chickpea salad that had a chopped up pickle in it this week and it was good 🙂

    I do eat random things during the day too. I just made chia seed pudding, ate half of an orange and want some of the chocolate coated pretzels I have now. Goldfish are addicting, I don’t blame you for eating them either!

  3. My four year old LIVES for cheese sticks, haha!! He has to have one the SECOND he gets home from school every day.

    I eat all sorts of random things. I just try to make my random things healthier by keeping them stocked, so I don’t end up eating Husband’s cookies.

  4. I love pickles! 🙂 I often eat weird combinations of foods. Come to think of it…I’ve always eaten random things thrown together! Hee hee! Why not! 🙂

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