It’s Day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge, which means I’m one week in and still going strong! Today’s topic is….satisfaction.

A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

Does NOW count?

I can honestly say that since moving back to school this past fall semester I have felt very satisfied with my life. Having my own space in my apartment has worked wonders on my sanity. In case you’re wondering living in a dorm freshman year then moving back home sophomore year to live with heathens your 14 and 13 year old siblings is hard on your mental stability.


Does it look like she tried to kill me earlier...because she did.

Last fall was also my first semester as a real Ad/PR student. As in I got into the ‘prestigious’ program that I’ve been stressing over getting into since freshman year! And I went to my first internship fair, Intern Pursuit, and landed a real internship on my first try!

I am also currently very happy with myself for starting this blog since it is giving me an excuse to write, which is something indispensable in PR, and I just like it! I’m still running…anyone else surprised besides me? And also still committed to my year of being a vegetarian, much to the dismay of my family and boyfriend. But I like it …so there.

All of that being said for me a lot of satisfaction comes from spending time with my loved ones. I’m excited to say that this spring and summer a lot of time is going to be spent with my family, and I literally cannot wait!

Can't wait to see you Dad!

As usual I’m not quite sure if I answered in a conventional manner since I did not really give a ‘moment’ but oh well! I’m basically the most satisfied I have ever been right now…

Blog Post done? Check! Coffee? Check! Ready for piles of homework...?

…with the exception that I still have a whole bunch of Ancient Egypt homework that is due tomorrow, a speech to critique, and a speech to be researched and written. Yes, I am a procrastinator.

To continue my procrastination….If you follow me on twitter you saw that I did indeed run 7 miles yesterday and rewarded myself with a trip to Target! Where I bought lots of things I didn’t really need but wanted. Here is a review of a new and satisfying product I found.

As I was walking down the cereal and cracker aisle, a place I try to avoid, to get Goldfish, don’t judge me I like them and I buy whole grain version, BettterOats, skinny little boxes of oatmeal packets, caught my eye. I was immediately intrigued and it was only $1.70, so why not. Good job marketing department you got me. They had plenty of other varieties and the chocolate oats caught my eye but I went with the 100 calorie one, yes I give into gimmicks like that.

I decided to make a bowl this morning and noticed that since I was on a Target high last night I missed the fact that although there is no added ‘sugar’ one ingredient is ‘sucrcose’.

it's just 'artificial' sugar.

It was good…not amazing, just good. I don’t know if it was my imagination but I think it had a little bit of an after taste? The box said it is supposed to leave you feeling satisfied for only 100 calories and it worked…but it’s oatmeal, so it usually does.

I know all you blogger eat beautiful, colorful bowls of oats...I'm boring, I know.

The coolest thing about this product was the fact that the little pouch that your oats come in was made to be used as a measuring cup for water or milk! And I must admit the little packets are convenient and would be great to take to work! I just might have to try the chocolate non-diet type…you know for research purposes.

Questions for You!

What do you need in life to be satisfied?

Have you tried any new products worth sharing?

Do obvious clever marketing devices ever work on you?

Comment Here!


7 thoughts on “Satisfaction.

  1. I enjoyed reading about your current satisfaction. I can’t say I’m exactly there right now myself. I’m still really anxious, feeling like I can do more and better. I made a New Year’s Resolution to feed my family real food, and being a perfectionist, it’s killing me that we’re not perfect at it. But I’m making progress, really tremendous progress actually, so I should really settle down and be satisfied for a bit. I also decided to try some running and am just about to head out for Week 1 Day 2 of Couch25k. Excited!

    Marketing gimmicks work on me All. The. Time. Cute packages, colorful boxes, lovely fonts. I find myself coming home with parcels that I had no intention of buying, and half of which never get consumed/used. Ugh.

    • That is such a great goal for your family and you should be proud of your self for making such great progress! and good luck with your program! I’m making an effort right now to eat what is in my pantry since I did buy it… but learn what type of things to impulse but or not. Oatmeal in cute packages I will at least eat…=)

  2. I have seen those oats in the store and have always wanted to try them but for some reason never actually purchase them. Congrats on starting your blog! I recently started mine as well. And, I am currently procrastinating while blogging. We have so much in common! 🙂

    • If you ever do buy them go with Chocolate or Blueberry Muffin looked good too….don’t go the fake sugar route! Thanks I really like blogging so far and don’t be too hard on yourself it’s ok to be a procrastinator sometimes=)

  3. I love the idea of using the packet for measuring the liquid! I am a hugeeee sucker for any kind of gimick. My boyfriend always calls me an impulse buyer but hey we need me to keep the economy up right??!

    • So true! We’re just helping out the nation while shopping for things like shoes and oatmeal! I don’t take my boyfriend to the grocery store, or any store if I can avoid it, he ruins all my fun!

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