Random Assortment.

Day 6…continued!

Here are the last 15 facts about me! These are just random  things that I could find a picture or video to go with since I was exhaustingly wordy in the first half of this day’s challenge! Sorry=/

16) I would wear a frilly skirt to any and all running/walking events if my loved ones weren’t so embarrassed when I do.


Me and my grammy at the Breast Cancer Walk in Daytona! She was the longest survivor and we pushed her over the bridges!

17) I’m a wonderful babysitter…just watch!

Hello Grace! What is that zipper for?

18) I want to travel to a ton of places all over the world but one of my favorite vacations was last spring in our very own nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C.

Wandering around D.C. It was a fabulous weekend of sightseeing, eating, and miles of walking!

19) My sister is so much cooler than me…in all aspects=)

20) One of my ‘pet names’ is Lumpkin. Lovely, right?

We say this sign while road tripping it to Birmingham and had to stop to take a picture!

21) On of the best nights of my life was spent playing Mini Golf in Panama City Beach

We are all so mean…John David basically entertained us the whole entire night. It may have been the most I’ve ever laughed in one night!

22) I was a ‘drama nerd’ in high school!

As the 'waitress' in The Philadelphia!

23) When Rob is added to the equation I become a better babysitter…?

24) I hate spin-y rides…

Having fun yet?

25) 3 year olds can beat me up.

Funny how I didn’t see that coming. and don’t you love my aunts laugh? It is the best!

26) I spent last Thanksgiving on a private island with my family in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay!



27) I endlessly forget when I have my camera on movie mode and try to take pictures.

Unfortunately I really am that clueless.

28) I don’t think I’ve been home for Rob’s Birthday once in the 6 years we’ve been dating but I try to make up for it will fun gifts!

Helicopter ride+Orlando Science Center+Melting Pot= One Great Birthday


29) I love camping! That was an amazing night filled with s’mores, arnold palmers, games lit by headlamp, and wait for it…that’s right more sugar!

Making our very own creation Campfire Nerds Rope!

30) I am a VERY loud sneezer. There is no video of this because….frankly it’s not pretty. But you can take my word for it because I have sneezed about 10 times today.

I am feeling a little under the weather so I will blame the randomness of this post on that fact! The videos all made me smile and crack up as I watched them which me feel a lot better!

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