No Pictures Please!

Check out the finish line behind me!

Hello There! Today is Day 6 of The 30 Day Challenge! This week there’s been some fun posts and some more serious post but I’ve been looking forward to this post since Day 1!

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

I’m going to intertwine last night and today’s happenings into the first 15 facts…check back later tonight for the other 15 random facts!

1) I am really awkward at college house parties.

Last night one of Rob’s old friends was celebrating his 21st, Happy Birthday Shane, and some of Rob’s best friends came down from FSU to celebrate so we made a brief appearance due to the fact that we had to wake up at 5:30. It was my first time at a party like this and I am pretty sure the whole 20 minutes I was there people were looking at me and thinking, “Who is the really awkward, lost looking girl?”

2) I don’t sleep well when I am anxious.

I got to sleep around 1:30 and my alarm was set for 5:30 but I also saw 3:30, 4:30, and 5 along with lots of tossing and turning plus a trip to the potty.

Good Morning! This is my excited face!

3) I get extremely excited about races in theme parks!

I signed up for The 30th Annual Dick Batchelor 5k Run for the Children as soon as I saw that it was at Universal Studios! I think I even got butterflies when the Universal skyline came into sight as we drove to the race on I-4 this morning!

4) I am embarrassed very easily.

While running through the new Harry Potter area in Islands of Adventure I stopped to take a quick picture with the Hogwarts Express and an older female park employee yelled over at me, “No stopping! Keep moving!” and I said I was just getting a quick picture and she said, “There’s no pictures allowed! Keep moving!” I couldn’t help but feel like I’d been scolded like a child in front of about 30 people.

5) I also find myself disappointed easily when I have built something up in my head.

One of the main reasons I was so thrilled about this race was because I was not only going to get to see the new Harry Potter area but also run through it! So I was really let down when my moment was ruined.

Disney Princess Half 2010...with all the Disney Princes

6) I am a Disney person.

The first thing that came to my mind after getting over being yelled at was, “that would have never happened at Disney World.” Disney not only always allows photos but also has characters and sets along the way just so you can take pictures! Sea World even had Santa and other characters available at the Reindeer Run. Universal had nothing like this set up and Disney employees also blew Universal employees out of the water in terms of cheering and supporting the runners.

7) I struggle with negative self talk.

After the no picture debacle I had a serious loss of motivation. My jaw has also been cracking and locking up during the whole race, it was very weird and bothersome. I started having a pain in my hip…what am I am old lady. I just kept thinking, “this race is not going well.”

Don't even try and cheer me up=(

8) Motivational words don’t help me all the time.

Rob can run much faster than me and kept his pace right ahead of mine so he could snap pictures, non-Harry Potter related pictures were acceptable I guess? Since I was no longer in a perky mood his slightly faster pace made me feel slow and instead of hearing him say, “Come On! Keep your pace! You’re doing great!” I heard, “Come On. You are slowing down. You’re not making an effort.”

9) I made a new 5k PR today.

We finished at 30:04, which is better than last summers Expedition Everest Challenge 5k team time of 35:44. Pretend like you’re impressed.


10) I think watermelon is the best post race snack!

I’ve never had watermelon available at the end of a race before but it hit the spot and boosted my mood.

Blue Barracuda! Told you he was talented!

11) I love being complimented.

Rob was amazingly sweet and told me how proud he was of me that I didn’t stop once, except for the stupid picture see I’m still not over it. His complement worked wonders on my attitude as we enjoyed the sunny walk back to the car!

Veg'd Out Omelet

12) I could eat breakfast for every meal.

We decided to head to First Watch for breakfast, it was my second time there and I forgot how amazing the menu is.

Just a friendly reminder for when I act like a grumpy-pants!

13) I love random cheery messages.

This was drawn on the beautiful specials menu at breakfast and I love it!

Pure Delicious-ness!

14) I adore Carrot Cake Pancakes.

I’m not even sure that I knew such a thing even existed before this morning but boy am I glad I know now! And yes I ordered this in additon to my other plate of food. We shared so don’t judge me because it was perfect. It didn’t taste like carrot cake but like a cinnamon-y pancakes with heavenly carrot, pecan, and raisins mixed in!

15) I ride an emotional roller coaster on some days.

Like today, clearly. Sorry for the bipolar post!

Questions for You!

Have you ever had a situation where you were upset and couldn’t shake it?

What can make your mood perk up when you’re feeling down?

Comment Here!


5 thoughts on “No Pictures Please!

  1. Girl, we are sooo similar. I feel like I could have written this post exactly! And hey, I am impressed with your time! I have only run one 5k and my time was 35 something. Also, I used to work at Disney World, so I’m glad you like their employees. 😀

    • That is a great time if you’ve only run one before but I’m glad someone else understands my ‘feelings’! and that is so awesome that you worked at Disney World! I love it! What did you do when you worked there?

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