Into the light…

Day 5

A time you thought about ending your life.

Never. I have never considered ending my own life. My motto is to love the life you live. It is tragedy when you are placed in a hard situation where something is getting in the way of you loving your life. I have triumphed over the very small struggles my life has presented me but I am not ignorant to the fact that there are millions of people struggling everyday with issues that I could never even imagine. And it breaks my heart to know that someone is so unhappy that they could take their own life.

I have been particularly shocked with the recent suicides of young people due to bullying in grade schools and even colleges. I honestly don’t even know what else to say about this topic besides that it is sickeningly sad to me. Instead of sitting here writing and rewriting sentence after sentence I’ve decided to do what I can to support this cause in an effort to prevent suicides.

My apartment complex has a team walking in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Community Walks. I made a fundraising goal of $50 dollars. If you can donate $1 dollar I’d be thrilled but if I’d be even more thrilled if you go on to afsp’s website and find a community walk of your own to attend and help bring the topic of suicide out of the dark and into the light!

Donate Here!

Find a Local Walk Here!

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