Day 3

Your views on drugs and alcohol?

You can call me Prudy McPrude-Pants. Thank you.

I am 21 (as you saw), I can legally drink, and I rarely do. Mainly because there aren’t many alcoholic beverages that I enjoy and why waste the calories if you don’t enjoy it! For example in my video I had a Wood Chuck in my hand, I told the waiter that I didn’t like beer or any sort of strong drinks but wanted a drink since it was my 21st birthday. He brought me the ‘cider’ and what did it taste like? Beer.  It may seem surprising that I don’t care too much for alcohol, especially beer, since I am in college, you know how college kids ‘party’, but I don’t need alcohol to have fun. Honestly I find most festivities that center around alcohol to be boring with the exception of watching people makes fools of themselves, which is funny sad.

When everyone started rebelled and partying in high school, I always wondered why they thought it was so cool to drink something that tastes like carbonated pee, not that I’ve ever drank pee, yuck! I am pretty positive my immunity from the whole let’s go party thing was from my parents who were always very open about alcohol. It was never taboo and I was always allowed to try some of what they were drinking. If you let a ten year old try a daiquiri it will probably result in cringing, spitting it out, and asking, “Why do you drink this stuff?” in case you were wondering.

I am also sort of a control freak, border line OCD, so being drunk and then hung over is only someone voluntarily losing control of their body in a very bad way. Disclaimer: I am not trying to be judgmental or put people down who enjoy going out drinking, this is only my opinion, which is what the challenge is about. I think it is perfectly fine for people of age to go out and have a good time as long as they are responsible.

Party like it's your Birthday! Responsibly though!

With all that being said I am not a complete prude. I like Mikes Hard Lemonade (someone tell me where to find the ‘light’ version, please!), Kahlua (with milk and ice!), Bailey’s in hot chocolate or coffee, and those girly wine cooler thingys. I also enjoy a fun game of ‘No-Beer Pong’ every once in a while, it’s a game I invented where I play Beer Pong as Rob’s partner and don’t drink any beer!

Fridge stash! Notice the 'wine' a.k.a. sparkling grape juice=)

Anyone want to take a guess at my opinion on drugs? It’s illegal for a reason people.Live Above the Influence!

Questions for you!

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Anything to add about drugs or alcohol?

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10 thoughts on “Prude-y.

  1. Love your honesty re: drugs & alcohol. It’s a touchy subject for a lot of people! I like wine, vodka sodas (when I go out) and, recently, dirty martinis. I should probably cut back a bit, but there’s something so cozy about sharing wine in bed while we watch a movie!

  2. I really wish I could enjoy wine…I know so many people love it! I want to go to Napa Valley and have a romantic wine and cheese picnic! Hehe! But for now I’ll stick with sparkling grape juice and cheese sticks! My mom LOVES really dirty martinis. I also don’t like olives though…I’m a lost cause.

  3. Grace, Thanks so much for stopping by my sight! I will add you to my reader! It is refreshing to hear someone else that isn’t crazy about alcohol. I never have been, and I probably never will be. I figure I can have plenty of fun without it, so why add it!??! 🙂 Nice to “meet” you!

    • You win! I can’t believe you’ve never even had a sip! My Dad teases me because when I was a baby and his friends came over I use to try to snag their beers off the table plus they’d give me Doritios…they called me the Beer and Dorititos Baby!

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