Let’s Get Curious!

Yesterday I spent a good hour and a half to two hours reading about Curious George and then exploring the Curious George website! Why? For my internship of course! The Orlando Science Center has a new exhibit opening in about three weeks called you guessed it… Let’s Get Curious! I’m the membership intern which means I get to work on some ‘Member Only’ events and when a new exhibit comes in members get the first look and and more! I had to come up with the ‘more’ part for the Curious George opening. Here is what I came up with thanks to the PBS website!

Homemade Pinwheels! I made this!

So why do you care about Curious George? Besides reading his books or watching his show with cute little people like these ones…

Josie being a Monkey!

John David being Curious! Caught you!

You care because while scrolling through printable coloring pages I found a recipe…and it was really good!


*Step 1* When mashing doesn't work...extra cool points if you have a retro processor?


Crispy on the outside thanks to my amazing stone!

Dinner in one color scheme.

I really enjoyed me burger! I kept two in the fridge for leftovers and froze the rest for later use! The only thing I would say was that you might want to use all whole eggs because I think subbing in egg whites made them a little dry. Nothing my favorite condiment BBQ sauce can’t fix though! This would be really fun vegetarian dish to make with kids especially since they get dirty!

I wanted to leave you with the perfect soundtrack to make these ‘burgers’ to!

Questions for you!

Have you ever found a recipe in an unexpected place?

What fun recipes have you made with kids? I love making pizzas with my cousins!

Busy and messy little hands!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Curious!

  1. We love love love Curious George books, thanks to you and Rob, and of course, the cartoon too. I have it set to record everyday for John David. I can’t wait for you and I to make those yummy burgers in March. It will be my first veggie burger. Woo Hoo. I love you, Aunt Jen

  2. Also, how long does the exhibit last at the Orlando Science center? My McWane membership does get me into there so I want to try and go there with JD. I know he would love it. Aunt Jen

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