The 30 Day Challenge…and go!

I don’t just write but also read a lot of blogs and have been reading them for about a year now. Let’s just say my reading has certainly expanded as time has gone on and especially now since I have my very own blog! Every once in a while I’ll notice the same topic dispersing around the blogging community, kind of like those chain emails but not as annoying. When I saw ‘The 30 Day Challenge’ on meals and moves I was immediately interested! Since I am new to the blogging ‘world’ I thought it’d be a great way to ‘just keep swimming blogging’ and for you to get to know me better!

Some of the questions might be a little silly…but I’ll try to keep it interesting and not too cheesy, promise.

Day 1

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Rob

If you check out my About Me section there is a little blurb about Rob. Basically we are high school sweethearts, I can sense the virtual eye rolls, and he is my best friend. We have miraculously grown up together without growing apart.

But you know how best friends have those days? We have those days. Like yesterday. He’s basically a man and inept at finding things like his polo, his hat, his keys…etc. Somehow I am suppose to know where these things are…and their disappearance is undoubtedly my fault, crazy since I am rarely at his house. He is also in college so waking up before 1 in the afternoon for brunch was highly distressing.  Poor baby.

Ready for the cheese? Our ‘fights’ are attributed to the fact that we are two halves of a whole. He’s the left brain and I am the right…actually it’s sort of like he’s the whole left side of the brain and a little bit of the right…and I get the rest. Did I mention he is good at everything…ugh.  He’s the brains and I’m all about the feelings. And here’s the kicker… we’re both sort of stubborn.

I swear I love him though…a lot. Even if he is amazing and perfect for me I know nobody’s perfect…especially not me, so I can’t hold anyone else to that standard. And after his hissy fit this morning he opened the car door for me, bought me brunch, and paid attention during most of the performance of Twelfth Night, he’s pardoned.

Dexter's in Lake Mary...great pick Rochelle and Jeremy! Great to see you both!

Gigantic Coffee!

Wild mushroom, caramelized onions, and colby omelet! I may have devoured all of that=/

The rest of this post is devoted to Rob and his many talents. He is going to kill be overjoyed with me since some of these pictures are older and since I am never realized but I in no way have even half of all his talents documented in pictures. These are in no particular order. Here goes nothing.

Sand castle/rock fort building

Ripsticking...into mailboxes?

Decorating cakes or eating gray fondant covered razor blades...


Being a beast at tennis.


John David wrangling…
Looking ‘super cool’ while wake boarding
Playing dress up!
Pumpkin carving…yes that’s freehand.
Playing Twister?
Pretending to be a train with my goofy brothers


He shares my talent of eating…especially large quantities of ice cream and froyo.
Being a cow…see previous picture.

and his greatest talent yet is….

loving that super awkward, dorky girl sitting with him!

What is your relationship status?

Taken? How do you and your significant other compare personality wise? Are they ‘practicality perfect in every way’?

Single? How is the single life…I am clueless.


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4 thoughts on “The 30 Day Challenge…and go!

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  2. I love love love this blog. You know I am one of your many fans but I am also a huge fan of Rob’s aka boodanese “Wob’s”. I love all of the pictures and I think it is awesome how much you both have done together and cant wait to see how much fun the future holds for the two of you. I loved all of the pictures too. Aunt Jen

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