At the Copa…Copacabana

Last night I had a very fun and exciting  ‘girls night’ with my mom, Gramma, and Gramma’s friend Lenore. We went to see Barry Manilow… I know what you’re thinking.

1) “Who is Barry Manilow”


2) “Grace, you’re 21. Why are you going to a Barry Manilow concert?”

Well, I at least knew who Barry Manilow was. I am not going to lie to you though I was not exactly jumping up and down at the prospect of seeing him, nor could I name you one of his songs when my gramma brought up the subject of his concert.

I bought my gramma tickets, good tickets, to see Clay Aiken at The Hard Rock for her birthday and it fell through since she will be in Alabama watching my adorable and hilarious three year old cousin while the rest of his family is off skiing without him…

How could you choose Clay Aiken over that face...

I hope you can learn a lesson from me. Don’t surprise anyone with tickets for a concert in February when their birthday is in October…

Luckily I was easily able to get my money back despite Hard Rocks ‘no refunds policy’. So when she brought up the Barry Manilow concert I knew it was my chance to make up for our failed plans. It also just so happens that my mom’s birthday is in February so I tacked her onto the plans as her early birthday gift!

Gramma and Lenore got to the Amway Center way before we did since my mom and I were taking so long getting beautiful for Barry. I was very surprised when Gramma told me they were waiting for us at Ember, a hip and beautiful inside/outside bar and restaurant in Downtown Orlando. Ember just so happened to be one of the sponsors from last week’s Cocktails and Cosmos event; they were basically the bartending staff.

Last night was gorgeous and warm so we sat outside in the courtyard area, which was most of the restaurant.  They had already ordered brushetta and had saved some for us!

Good...but not the best I've had

Their menu wasn’t huge but had plenty of variety and a lot of vegetarian options. We all actually ordered some type of sliders. I opted for the ‘bean-y’, as the waitress correctly described it, veggie sliders, Mom and Gramma kept it classic with hamburger sliders, and Lenore got the buffalo chicken sliders.

'Bean-y' Burger Goodness!

Mommy's real burgers and the fries looked yummy (come on February 1st)!

I really enjoyed my mini veggie burgers and the fact that you could sub grilled veggies for fries! I ate all but one half and was full until about midnight! They also had great coffee, not that I needed caffeine after waking up at 11. Everything that went by us all night looking delish and I’ll be going back again to try the flatbreads!

With full bellies we were off to the Amway Center, about a three-block walk away. I loved that the Center is in walking distance of lots of nightlife and restaurants plus now I can say that I have actually been downtown at night.

I got a great deal on the tickets through TravelZoo. We were seated on the level above the floor where the tickets would have cost me $112 plus fees on Ticketmaster. Instead it was $51 flat with no extra fees or tax!?! If you can’t tell Ticketmaster frustrates me to no end…it gives you the ticket ‘price’ and when you actually go to buy it they tack on about $15 worth of fees per ticket. No bueno. Ok, I’m finshed ranting.

Mom and Me

View from our seats.

Me and Gramma



When we arrived we were given red glow sticks! So exciting,…I know. Mom noted how they usually charge you $5 a glow stick at concerts and I pointed out the audience demographic. It was about 9 before Barry finally came on after some painfully long and drawn out magic tricks and then some more waiting.


He was great! His voice is amazing and he actually sounds like his recordings live, which is something I cannot say of everyone I’ve seen in concert. And I did know his songs! Lots of them! It wasn’t an extremely long show but he fit in his greatest hits as well as a few songs I didn’t recognize. I figured I’d cut him some slack on the short-ish show since he is 67.

Big Finale!

Saying Goodbye with a song, of course!

After the show was over I even waited in line to get a Barry Manilow hat! Which I was excited about since my beloved black UCF hat, now replaced by a less loved white one, was tragically ‘lost’ and then presumably stolen by an Aquatica employee this summer.

After...with my new hat, it has roses in a heart shape.

Overall it was a wonderful night spent with some lovely ladies that I love very much! Happy early and late birthday Mom and Gramma!

With the early birthday girl! Check our that glowstcik!


What concerts have you been to? BSB, Dixie Chicks, and Rise Against are a few of mine…

Are any of them unconventional for your age group? I went to Cher for my 16th birthday!

Any concert tours you are looking forward to? I’m missing the NKOTB and BSB reunion tour=(

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5 thoughts on “At the Copa…Copacabana

  1. Loved this blog. I am soooo jealous you all went to see Barry Manilow. He is one of my favorite singers because of Gramma. I loved your pictures but the one’s of you and Mom and you and Gramma are the best. I love you, Aunt Jen

  2. Wonderful! I have seen Manilow in concert and he really puts on a great show.
    The story was a great read and I love the pictures.

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