I make cake.


And cupcakes too=)

So this weekend was pretty much full of cake making and Otronicon.

I am happy to say that I  ‘interned’ my first event, Cocktails and Cosmos. It of course didn’t go off without a hitch. We had a lighting issue…but in the grand scheme of things I think it went great! You can check out some photos here , I’m not in any pictures, go figure I was working the door! But my boss is awesome so I got to enjoy the event too!

I did take  home a cupcake shooter, which will be frozen until my ‘dessert’ hiatus is lifted in February. Pathetic I know but they looked so good! You know you’d want one too! I also ran into my suitemate from freshman year, small world! She organizes catered events for a restaurant called 4Rivers Smokehouse, which had amazing, baked cheese grits! I can’t wait to go there for a full meal!

Speaking of meals…I have to go make dinner!

Do you like to bake or decorate cakes? What’s your favorite kind or cake?

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4 thoughts on “I make cake.

  1. The cake and cupcakes were a total hit! Absolutely delicious! Everyone loved them.

    Thanks again for making that for her..

    Love you ❤

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