The Green Hornet

Earlier this week we had an event to promote Otronicon and our PR guy was giving out screening passes to see The Green Hornet tonight at CityWalk …and he is so nice he gave me two also=) So my sweet boyfriend drove over here tonight and went with me.

Although I was excited about having ‘special’ passes’ to the movie I had no idea what to expect. I mean Seth Rogan as a super hero…I am confused. Plus it’s coming out now in January. Not Summer, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, but January 14th?

But I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised. I pretty much loved it! Warning: I haven’t watched a Seth Rogan movie I haven’t loved. If you don’t like him, I am not sure if you’ll like this movie since he also wrote it.

Cool, right!?!

I might even venture to say it is one my favorite crime fighter/hero movies since it kept me laughing (a lot), had the right amount of action, and super cool gadgets/cars!


Check that double barrel. Don't tell him he doesn't look scary.

Also worth mentioned would be Christoph Waltz a.k.a. Chudnofsky or ‘Blood’nofsky, you may remember him as ‘The Jew Hunter’ from Inglorious Bastards, he is just great at being scary and yet humorous. Cameron Diaz doesn’t shine in this film as far as I am concerned, and one of my favorite movies is The Holiday (don’t make fun).

In other news I have been outrageously careless and clumsy this week. So far I hit myself int he face with a table leg, fell on the steps twice, got a paper cut in between my fingers, and ready for the cherry on top I was apparently hyped from the movie and backed into a column in the parking garage.

Are you having one of those weeks? Clearly I am!

Do you plan on seeing The Green Hornet or any other movies this weekend?

What is your favorite crime fighter/ hero/ superhero movie? Iron Man also holds a special place in my heart<3

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3 thoughts on “The Green Hornet

  1. I saw the movie this weekend, too… on opening night! I’m usually a big fan of comic book movies, but I was kind of disappointed. I think I was still mad about having paid $16.50/ticket (x4!) for 3D, when there was really no 3D effects!

    • Aww… I am sorry you didn’t like it. You’re right there weren’t any noticeable effects. What I’ve noticed with a lot of 3D v. non 3D movies is that there aren’t really effects any more but it makes you feel ‘in’ the movie. I saw a movie when I was in PA and you northerners have much higher ticket prices overall but that is crazy!

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