(O)rlando Elec(tron)ic (I)nteractive Entertainment (Con)vention

I promised a shameless plug and I am coming through.

So, I just happened to start my internship in the midst of the craziest week of the year for the Orlando Science Center. and it’s called Otronicon, meaning (O)rlando Elec(tron)ic (I)nteractive Entertainment (Con)vention.

The Otronicon website is much more detailed but basically it’s this Friday to Monday and here is blurb to explain it better,

“A four day event, Otronicon is a celebration of interactive technology using video games to demonstrate the future of how we live, learn, work and play. The event focuses on a few key areas:

  • Larger than life video game experiences
  • State of the art medical and military simulators
  • Game design workshops taught by industry
  • Whether you’re a video game fan or just wondered what it is your kids are doing in front of that computer, there’s something for everyone at Otronicon, Orlando’s biggest interactive technology expo!”

I am not the biggest video game fan, mostly because I am not very good at them. But all ‘promoting’ aside I’m pretty excited to check everything out because there is literally something for everyone, even a place to update our social networks! and I hear there are going to be StormTroopers!

Here is one of our posters for the event!

Ok, so I know some of you are thinking, “I don’t play video games.” But! I have more, the event my boss runs (and I get to help with!) is called Cocktails and Cosmos.

Cocktails and Cosmos is the more mature and sophisticated side of events at the Science Center and a great change from the usual bar/nightclub scene. This event is celebrating the ‘Science of the Senses’ with live music from local DJ/Drummer Side Project and art by Mason Flippen as well as food and drinks from Ember, O’Charley’s, 4Rivers Smokehouse, Magners Irish Cider, and Sprinkles Cakeshooters!

The awesome thing is that you can enjoy Cocktails and Cosmos as well as the rest of Otronicon! So ladies you can bring your guy and he’ll be occupied for hours while you hang out with your girls!

Are you thinking about your weekend plans yet? Mine are obviously filled with Otronicon and making a cake=/


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