Manic Monday

Hello Spring Semester. Goodbye Relaxation.

Today was the fall out from a nearly perfect, lazy weekend. Which included lots of sleeping in, joining the late crowd at the farmer’s market, outlet goodies, yummy food, and a strenuous peaceful late night run.

Loved Winter Park Farmer's Market on and beautiful Saturday morning

Victoria Secret Outlet= 10 panties for $20... Go There!

Rob scored these from Nike. They're for 'trail' running. Someone is hard on their shoes.

Stopped at Cheesecake Factory to refuel

Deep in thought while people watching...

They don't have too many vegetarian why not go with something cheesy!

Sunday morning breakfast...Fresh from the farmer's market=)

I guess the weekend can’t last forever and today was not only the first day of the semester but also the first day of my first ever internship! Let’s just say I was a little stressed this morning. I was all prepared and had picked out my ‘business casual’ clothing last night…however I did not try them on. Big mistake. This morning I wasted 30 extra minutes tearing through my newly organized closet and changing outfits about 10 times.

As usual I was worried for nothing. I was still early and it was a surprisingly low-key day for me, especially considering we have a huge event happening this weekend (shameless plug to come later this week). And it just so happens that because of this event I get to wear a tee shirt and jeans for the rest of the week, which mean no more wardrobe dilemmas… at least until next week!

I even got to do some real intern work today…handing out flyers and putting up posters! And no I am not whining, it was a relief. That is until it started pouring and I had to reschedule my promoting to 8:30 after spending two and a half hours in a research class. I mean really what kind of professor actually gives a lecture on the first day of class, this is me whining.

So, how was your Monday?

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One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. Looks like you were busy, but you tackled a lot! That Cheesecake Factory pizza looks supa yum.

    I relaxed after I got home from work yesterday. It was glorious!

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