Your plate or mine?

My Mom and some friends from her office go out for a Girl’s Night after work once a month and since I was home I was lucky enough to nab an invite. To clarify my hometown is in Port Orange, Florida, which is just south of Daytona Beach and dinner was in Ormond Beach, which is just north of Daytona.The Dish is a tapas style restaurant I hadn’t  heard of until my Mom invited me, which is surprising since news of new and unique restaurants travels fast around such a small community.

The Dish had a great warm and cozy atmosphere and I loved the phrases painted around the semi open kitchen. It was Wednesday night and they had a guitarist playing live music and my only complaint about the live music was that we couldn’t hear it in the back corner where our large group was seated.

If you’ve never eaten at a tapas style restaurant every thing on the menu is appetizer sized and priced accordingly. You order and the food arrives as it is done being prepared. The focus, and the restaurants slogan “your plate or mine”, is on sharing. Which my boyfriend knows I love since I am endlessly driving him crazy by sampling of his food before I even try mine.  Luckily my mom was willingly to share, even if I do make it hard with this whole vegetarian ‘thing’. That being said the menu was extensive and had lots of vegetarian options!

Before my dressing upgrade

Hmmm Cheesy!

I started with the Garden Salad and my mom went with the Classic French Onion Soup. My salad was good… once I switched dressings. I consider myself a ranch connoisseur and their “peppercorn ranch” was unmistakably bottled which is not okay in my book. But fortunately their balsamic vinaigrette was delicious.

The gnocchi was pan seared and delish!

I also ordered the Herbed Tomato and Mozzarella & Gnocchi while my mom decided to order some dishes I can’t indulge in due to  1. being vegetarian and 2. giving up any fried foods for the month of January. She order the sweet potato fries sprinkled with brown sugar and served with cinnamon butter and seasoned grilled sirloin steak, served atop a mushroom demi with garlic mashed potatoes.

These babies looked tempting!

See that little spot where there is no gravy on the potatoes...I ate that.

And we shared ordered the Ravioli Caprese… my Mom had two bites and I devoured the rest! This dish was my favorite of night. The raviolis filling was perfect and they weren’t too stuffed, while the sauce was the perfect mix of tomato and alfredo. Yum!

So good!

Over all it was great and I plan on returning after the month of January so I can try those sweet potato fries and a dessert! I didn’t get a picture but the desserts  looked yummy and were so cute!

Have you ever been to a tapas restaurant? Do you like the small portions and sharing or would you prefer traditional portions to have all for yourself?

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