Can you keep a secret?

I’ve been at my parent’s house the last few days before returning to school and let’s just say I haven’t been what some might call productive. Instead I’ve been indulging in some of my guilty pleasures.

So what is my secret?

I have some slightly embarrassing guilty pleasures.

I spent a large chunk of Monday and Tuesday re-watching the first season of Pretty Little Liars, until finally catching the 1st episode of the 2nd season sometime yesterday afternoon. So why would a seemingly intelligent and motivated college student waste away her time watching a scandalous show based on a book series about high school kids? Well…when I have time to read something besides textbooks my ‘literature’ of choice happens to be just that, book series’ about high school kids. Real intellectual I know.

So here is where I try to defend myself. I enjoy mystery, scandal, and suspense when it comes to movies, TV shows, and books the problem is I can’t quite stomach things like Steven King novels and CSI. I’m pretty much a wuss. Also, many of the series I read, like Gossip Girl and Private, I’ve been reading since high school. Unfortunately I can’t use the same defense for my new Pretty Little Liars fix. I read the 1st book this summer, the 2nd before Christmas, watched the whole season on Hulu while snowed in, and then ordered the next 6 books off Amazon and have been patiently awaiting their very slow arrival!

Since the new season of Pretty Little Liars has started and my books are on their way it looks like I’ll be getting a weekly dose of my guilty little pleasure. If you dare you can tune into ABC Family Mondays at 8 Eastern Time or you can catch up on all the new and old episodes on Hulu. It’s addicting, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


And remember,"Two can keep a secret...if one of them is dead."

Do you have any guilty pleasures? What are they? Do you consider them a bit embarrassing? Comment and let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

  1. We all have guilty little pleasures, as long as they don’t hurt anyone what’s the harm. I use to watch so many TV shows and read book series all the time and would count down the days til the next one came out.

    The good thing to do is to turn your pleasures into great things! I try to take my pleasure each day into exercise and hopefully this year will turn it into more than just the walking I have been doing.

    Thanks for the encouragement! Love ya -B aka your mom

  2. My guilty pleasure is also silly TV shows and yes I am embarrassed by that! My husband is in the military so I wait until he is deployed to catch up on my secret addiction. I secretly loooove ABC Family’s Greek.

    • I haven’t gotten a chance to watch Greek but it’s also on Hulu so I’ll have to catch it sometime! and Don’t be embarrassed! I think it’s great that you have your own guilty pleasures while your husband is away, I can’t imagine how hard that is on you. My Dad is in the military and has been deployed a lot while I’ve been growing up but my parents are divorced so I’ve never lived with him and it is still hard. Thanks for your feedback!

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